Digital with purpose


Digital offers brands the chance to forge real emotional connections with their customers. However, all too often this is lost as agencies produce work that has no relevance or use in people’s lives.

Everything that Know Digital creates has the customer in mind. Rather than just appeal to a brand’s vanity, our work is designed to do something for real people.

We believe that a simple and effective solution to one of life’s little problems is far more powerful than something that promises everything yet delivers nothing. By identifying everyday moments when digital can provide something useful, educational or even just fun, our clients can connect with people as living breathing individuals rather than a target audience.

This delivers communications that reach the hearts and minds of people. Our work doesn’t patronise or preach; it puts your brand at the centre of a positive experience

The end result is brands that are viewed as more than just advertisers. By actually giving something to consumers, our clients are perceived all the more positively, driving value to their bottom line.