iPulse brand site


Taking on the beauty industry big boys and winning.


In 2010 Boots established a joint initiative with a female beauty manufacturer – iPulse. They make the leading salon hair-removal products in the UK and had managed to reduce the size of these devices to make them suitable for home use.
The problem they faced in launching the product was a lack of budget. Their main competitors – Remington and Philips – were spending a significant amount on marketing their own products. The advantage we had, however, was that ours regularly came out top in head to head reviews.


We discovered that competitors’ activity was doing a great job of raising general awareness of the category but wasn’t following through when prospects were brought into the category.

The first thing women who were interested in the products did before purchase was to go online and investigate them further – reading reviews, blogs and so on. Competitors hadn’t targeted this behavior at all.
This behavior and lack of competition gave us our opportunity to take on the big players and win.


We created the brand website for iPulse that featured functionality which pulled in reviews and comments of all the product reviews from across the web into the site.  We heavily optimised the site for the key search terms being used by prospective customers searching for iPulse and competitor reviews.

Once users visited our site they wouldn’t need to go anywhere else as all the reviews were conveniently in one place. So our chances of a conversion to purchase were vastly increased.


Results have exceeded expectations with the site increasing visibility, visitors and purchases. In one month the new site surpassed the visitor numbers of its previous version.

Client: iPulse